Sample Nursing Position Cover Letter

Sample cover letters are one of the important components in landing your desired dream job in a hospital setting. This is a sample cover letter that you may use when you apply for a nursing job.

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Dear Ms._____________:

I am seeking an RN position on a medical unit in your hospital. From the classified advertisements in the West County Journal, I understand that you have a position available.

As you can see from the attached resume, I have two years of experience caring for patients on a medical unit. I enjoy the professional relationships and opportunities for teaching available working with patients on a medical unit.

I wish to work at your hospital because of its excellent reputation for quality patient care. I have also performed volunteer work with nurses from your hospital who were very enthusiastic about the hospital environment and career advancement opportunities.

I am available for interviews the week of September 6, 2001. Please let me know if it would be convenient for you to meet with me then. My phone number is (555) 555-8888. I look forward to meeting you to discuss possible employment.



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Viresh said...

In order to become a registered nurse, one has to enroll into a LVN/LPN programs. Let us discuss in brief what these programs consist of and the career opportunities associated with these.

cv said...

Simply superb sample..was looking online for a while and this was unique and perfect of all..thanks to work on it..thanks

Nursing Cover Letter

Carol Parker said...

Some schools also offer distance learning combined with campus training. The program features classroom course learning and clinical training in an approved hospital or health care facility. The course curriculum includes learning of science, arts, nursing and biology subjects.LPN Programs In California

Anonymous said...

Nice example enlisted in your post which will help all those who are looking for job in nursing and need to write cover letter for it. Mind blowing information shared by you.

RN cover letters

junaid rahman said...

Why are cover letters so important? In many industries, including jobs for Registered Nurses, they are extremely important. Learn how to write a cover letter that gets employers interested in meeting YOU. cover letter for nursing job

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Hernandez Jenkins said...

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