NCLEX Study Guide For Signs and Symptoms Of Diseases

Things will be alot easier if you could remember these important signs and symptoms so that you would understand and answer every NCLEX test question that contains the following diseases.


Addison’s Disease Bronze-Like Skin
Angina Pectoris Levine’s Sign
Appendicitis Rebound Tenderness
Asthma Wheezing On Expiration
Bulimia Nervosa Chipmunk Face
Cataract (loss of central vision) Hazy Vision
Cholecyctitis (+) Murphy’s Sign
Cholera Rice-Watery Stool
Cushing’s Disease Moon Face Appearance
Dengue Petechiae
Diptheria Pseudomembrane
Down Syndrome Protrusion Of Tongue
Down Syndrome Simean Creases on Palms
Emphysema Barrel Chest
Glaucoma (peripheral vision) Tunnel-like Vision
Grave’s Disease (Hyperthyroidism) Exopthalmus
Hepatitis Jaundice
Hyperpituitarism ( Acromegaly) Carotenemia ( yellowish skin)
Kawasaki Disease Strawberry Tongue
Leprosy Leioning Face
Liver Cirrhosis Spider Angioma
Malaria Chills
Measles Koplik’s spot
Meningitis (+) Kernig’s & Brudzinski’s Sign
Myasthenia Gravis Ptosis
Pancreatitis( Ectopic Pregnancy) (+) Cullen’s Sign (ecchymosis of umbilicus)
(+) Grey-Turner’s (ecchymosis of flank)
Parkinson’s Disease Pill-Rolling Tremors
Patent ductus Arteriosus Machine-like Murmur
Pernicious Anemia Beefy Red Tongue
Pneumonia Rusty Sputum
PTB Low-Grade Fever
Pyloric Stenosis Olive Shape Mass
Retinal Detachment Curtain Veil-Like Vision
Systemic Lupus Erythematosus Butterfly rash
Tetanus Risus Sardonicus
Tetany (+) Trousseau & (+) Chvostek Sign
Tetralogy Of Fallot Clubbing of Fingers
Thombophlebitis (+) Homan’s Sign
Typhoid Fever Rose Spots in Abdomen

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