NCLEX Study Tips

If you are going to prepare for taking the NCLEX exam and still don't know what to do i would like to share some effective advices for you.

Picking review courses:

the best choice for review courses is Kaplan or NCSBN (National Council State Boards of Nursing). Kaplan teaches effective techniques on how to answer exam questions with ease and teaches you to land with the correct answer.

NCSBN sure is another top choice for review course because the contents are very close to the actual exam itself.

Never Cram

Cramming is never effective in preparing for the NCLEX. Give yourself at least 3 months to study for the exam.


Lipincott is known to be the best review book for preparing yourself for the exam.
Some naysayers say that the NCLEX structured questions are based on lipincott.

Do alot of practice testing and never sleep late before the exam day. Just relax you will do fine. NCLEX could be re-taken after 91 days from taking the first exam.

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